Ashley Clarke

Web Student

Programming Skills

I am familiar with the following programming skills, and more.

I have also used frameworks such as: Laravel, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery, etc.

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  • Gotta love 'T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM' to confuse the non php devs that are doing php :D 21 hours ago
  • Convinced @Fllambe to do 'this': #recursiveThis #PHP 1 day ago
  • Whiteboard is a task and project management app I have been needing! Sign up for their beta at 2 days ago
  • Anybody reccomend a sparkline charting library? need to be able to have lots of charts on a single page. 2 days ago
  • Ready to start another day of hating on JavaScript! 3 days ago
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